Schumacher Taxi Service
It's faster if you let us drive.  

LeMons South Vids

Unbelievably fun

Rob throws a tread block and is told all is fine with the car

A few laps playing with the "What's That Smell" team

A random car being towed off course

When a car that weighs twice as much as you won't let you by,
fill his mirrors and wait for his brakes to fade

I wondered where the red paint on the car came from during Rob's stint

As a peace offering... Here is where you lost Cartman on course:
(someone needs to add a Cartman voice over)

 We got cheers from the audience for this pass

We got penalized 5 minutes for hitting that cone after getting touched by
the race leader

Impala that is on fire

Taking the checkers - EPIC

The infamous hit that made it on Jalopnik

Goodbye Salazar Racing
(them coming off track for the last time)

People Curse Destruction

Raw Footage as it becomes available
[End of day 1]
[Church Break]

Assorted Vids
A short Video of our fare
Rob pulling a Clarkson on Luis and the other Taxi

10/21/07 RallyCross Vid
With the infamous "Alright, Jon.  We'll take it easy." window closes "We're going to go 100%." "Yes." "Cool."

3/31/08 Autocross Runs
Run1 - decent spin
Run3 - only outside view

4/27/08 Work on Audi Day
Shock test

5/4/08 Autocross Runs
Run1 - outside view

Fastest Run