Schumacher Taxi Service
It's faster if you let us drive.  

Honored Initial Inductee of the
LeMons Wall of Blame

2010 LeMons South Spring IOE Winner


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Back story:
In December of '07, the seven time F1 champion Michael Schumacher, fearing he would be late to the airport, asked the taxi driver if he could drive.  As quoted by the taxi driver: "He drove at full throttle around the corners and overtook in some unbelievable places."  Full Story: HERE.  At that instant, he had a new business idea - a Taxi business comprised of Ferraris (of whatever manufacturer) and real drivers that can actually get you to the airport in time for your flight.

How it all got started:
A couple of us had been following the 24 Hours of LeMons races with interest.  The concept of $500 cars racing for 24 hours was interesting.  Matt noticed that for '08 they were bringing the races to the East coast.  He posted on our local SCCA chapter's forum to see if anyone was involved.  That is all it took for us to start a team.  Initial interest was off the charts with more than 25 drivers wanting to be involved.  Those numbers dwindled as the true scope of the project became apparent.  Racing $500 cars are interesting - turning wrenches and installing rollcages that cost more than the car is less so.


Corolla Build Journal  - Corolla Build Pictures
MR2 Build Pictures - How we ended up with a $200 4AGZE engine
Citation Build Journal


Charlotte NC Chumpcar - (4/23/11)
Teams who went: Miata

New Jersey Motorsport Park NJ - (4/9-10/11)
Teams who went: CoROLLa & MR2

Gingerman Raceway MI - 10/9-10/10
Teams who went: Crown Vic

Sebring FL - 9/25-26/10
Teams who went: CoROLLa

Stafford Springs CT - (7/24-25/10) - We judged

Summit Point WV - (6/19-20/10)
Teams who went: CoROLLa & MR2

Our Nineth Race - (Kershaw SC - 5/22-23/10)
Teams who went: Craptation Audi

Our Eighth Race (Chumpcar) - (VIR - 4/3-4/10)
Team who went: Miata

Our Seventh Race - (Kershaw SC - 2/6&2/7/10)
Teams who went: MR2 CoROLLa

Our Sixth Race - (Nelson Ledges 10/3-4/09) 
Teams who went: MR2 Mazdarati Audi

Our Fifth Race (Kershaw SC - 9/12&13/09) 
Teams who went: CoROLLa Audi

Fourth Race (Stafford Springs CT - 7/11&12/09) - Pictures
Teams who went: Craptation/CoROLLa

Third Race (Kershaw SC - 4/4&4/5/09) - Pictures
Teams who went: MR2 CoROLLa Audi

Second Race (Stafford Springs CT - 8/23&24/08) - Pictures
Teams who went: Corolla Audi

First Race (Kershaw SC - 7/26&27/08) - Pictures
Teams who went: Corolla

LeMons South

LeMons NorthEast