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It's faster if you let us drive.

Our First LeMons Race

We came out of the gate fast. Having a light car with good brakes (upgraded the pads to HP+) and an engine that screams was great. Our first driver came out of the car with his eyes as wide as saucers screaming that it was the best time he's ever had in a car.

On our second stint is when we hit our first major problem. I was spotting for Kurt and saw a huge plume of smoke come out of the car. I pulled him in so we could look at it. On his way in, he was dripping gasoline. We did not get black flagged for it, but we needed to find an fix it. For 40 minutes we traced each fuel line down to see if it was the one leaking. We finally determined that it was the charcoal canister that had spewed gasoline and we rigged a catch can. The smoke... that was our CV joint boot self destructing and greasing down the exhaust - overall delay 45minutes.

We had a black flag for this  and spent time in LeMons HQ for it. Our driver was tarred and feathered.

Our second big delay was during the Sunday morning church hour. We pull in and the brakes need to be bled. When we go to pop off the wheels, we break a stud. We had no spares. We scrounge one but need to cut away some of the heat shield to get the stud in from the back. Overall down time - about 120 minutes but some of that was during the break and other parts were during an extended yellow.

We also had various delays like - retorquing a wheel that came loose on course, adding brake fluid because someone forgot to put the cap back on the reservoir, a few black flags that weren't our fault, a couple that were, and we had a tire delaminate. Our driver changes could have been better too.


98 laps out - ~120 minutes off track, Average 1:15 lap time = 90 laps. Yeah, we could have done better.